Story Time

Ali • Mommy to Tacker James 💙

So my boyfriend and I ended up breaking up because he lied to me. I’ve been through to much to handle another liar. So, I left. But we have a place together. We are waiting to hear back from this other place so I can afford it. Until then, he is still living here with me and he doesn’t have a bed so he sleeps in my bed (king size, so we have enough space between us). And he decided to shower, and when he’s gone or busy I tend to take the chance to take care of myself. If you know what I mean. When we were dating he said he hated it (weird,right?) and then he told me later on it didn’t bother him anymore. but, today he got out of the shower before I was done, so he walked in on me and now he’s just pissed. He still says it doesn’t bother him, but now he’s being so rude to me.

I don’t exactly know why I’m posting this, I guess I just needed to vent. It’s just pissing me off having him around. And I think he expects to continue living with me when I move to that new place (has 2 bedrooms). And I think he still expects to have a perfect little family with me (I’m pregnant btw). I have told him many times that I’m done with the relationship. I guess he just chooses not to believe it. I don’t know.