we've decided to name our baby..... 😍😍😍

Daishell β€’ 25. Married. Jesus Lover. πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ 2018. πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ 2020

So my husband and I came to an agreement on our baby boys name and I'm so relieved because I was originally going to settle for a Jr. because most men want a Jr. but after having a recent discussion with my husband to keep his options open, he came up with the name Aidan and no matter what our child's name would be I always wanted his middle name to be Elijah so we've decided on Aidan Elijah Ferren and I am so satisfied because I don't feel like I'm settling! and as much as I wanted to honor my husband's desires, I'm so happy that my son will be able to have his own name so that he can be his own person and not be expected to be like his father by the public eye πŸ’™. I also think that the name Aidan is more culturely "diverse" if that makes sense. I don't ever want an employer to look at a job application and be able to say what race my child is based on his name and growing up with such a "unique" name (Quiera) , I've never been able to find a keychain or anything with my name on it so I'm glad that my baby will actually have a chance to experience things that my husband and I couldn't. Anyone understand?