What to do?!


So, my husband and I are currently expecting baby No. 2. We have two cars, my car is a cobalt. It is king of very small! Specially for another child. My son is 5 but still he has his backpack, toys, etc. So my mom just told me she got me a small suv. It is an 2005 buick. She said it was a gift because she knows we need it. It is not a new car but it is way bigger compare to my car. My husband (the most stubborn man in the world) right away said NO. I told him why not?! It was a present from my mom (which she is doing it more than anything for my kids). I respected my husbands decision and thank my mom but rejected the suv. So know my husband is telling me he is tired of his job and plans to quit as soon as the year starts. He did that when my first born was born and it was very hard because I was not currently working. We did not have a car or money because he head just quit when we need it it the most. Now I am currently not working again, and it feels like the story is repeating again!! Im 30 weeks pregnant, seriously I do not have the patience or the strength to go tru this again. So if he does not want to work how are suppose to get a bigger car. I am not the person to request stuff, what ever we have I am thankful for but honesty how are we suppose to buy dippers, or formula or gas. So I told him really upset that if he is looking out for himself I guess I would have to the same for my kids and myself, and I told him that I Was going to take my moms present whetter he liked it or not. But honestly what do you all think I should do?