To Clomid or not to Clomid?

MissesChevy • Wife • Expecting Twins • Babies #1 & #2 • Due 08/11/18

My doctor prescribed three rounds of clomid. I have taken two rounds and have definitely noticed a difference. I feel like my body doesn’t have to work as hard to ovulate, and the second round of clomid it lengthened my luteal phase by several days.

While all of this is well and good, I’m finally able to schedule my surgery for endometriosis. The surgery will either be mid-December or early January. I’m wondering if I should hold off on my last round of clomid until after the surgery....? What do you think?


- While I’d love to get pregnant NOW, I don’t want to lose a $500 deposit for my surgery.

- I genuinely feel like I won’t get pregnant until after the surgery. I can take all the clomid in the world, but if the sperm can’t get to the egg, what’s the point?


- I think clomid is more effective when taken on back to back cycles. One random round of clomid following the surgery may not be effective. Also, I’d miss out on the benefits of a third round now.

- I will always wonder if November and possibly December would have been the months I got pregnant if I’d taken clomid.