Boyfriends parents want him to break up with me

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I posted on here a few weeks ago about false HSV results. Since then, a lot of drama has happened between me and my boyfriend and his family.

He’s very close with them, which is of course great and all. I’m very close with my dad (single parent) also and so the close-knit-family is something we bond over. I have become good friends with his parents and sister over the 15+ months we’ve been dating.

Today, they told him he needs to break up with me. They said he’ll never be happy with me, that he should never marry me because we’ll be “miserable”, that I “take advantage” of him and that he needs to “go be young and live his life”. Which means: get out, be a fuckboy, and live the best senior year. Apparently he’s wasting his last year of high school by being in a relationship with someone who wants a future.

I understand that they are entitled to their opinions and that they will never be able to dictate our relationship. But this hurts me, a lot, because I thought I actually had a friendship with them. I felt like I was part of their family - they even said so!

I’m also hurt because they just ASSUMED we planned to get married or settle down this early or something. We’re literally IN HIGH SCHOOL.

I feel so betrayed. And rejected. And stupid and angry and I just want to blow up. And.. it’s 2 days before my birthday. Two. Days. Just. Why?