PUL, ectopic, now TTC

Tikka • Pregnant with #1 🤰🏻💕 due August 2019 IG: @cozyandglam

Hi everyone,

First off, thank you all for being here for me when I just needed to see that others were feeling the way I am. I’ve been reading posts on this board for the last month and it has been so helpful when trying to cope with miscarriage.

My husband and I found out we were pregnant on September 15 when I realized that I was late (we had been trying but not charting). We wanted to keep it light and easy. On September 29, I woke up to bleeding and called our doctor (6weeks). Scheduled for an ultrasound and blood draw same day and was diagnosed with a pregnancy of unknown location (PUL). Blood work came back at 12,700 so they were super confused why they couldn’t find a gestational sac or baby. Went back for a blood draw on Monday, three days later, and hcg had only risen to 13,100. They told me this would not progress as a normal pregnancy but to go back for another u/s on Friday to see if this could be ectopic. Friday (10/6) showed up and again, nothing could be seen on u/s and hcg was down to 11,000. Doctors think that the pregnancy was naturally pushed out of the Fallopian tube on the opposite end and my body absorbed the pregnancy - they had never seen this happen before. One week later on 10/13, hcg dropped down to 150. One week after that 10/20, I had a negative at home pregnancy test. I bled with cramping from 10/10 to 10/19.

My husband and I agreed to TTC right away since the miscarriage was natural and we didn’t need surgery for an ectopic (thank goodness). I was sure we missed our chance this week as it is cycle day 28 from when I started to bleed on 10/10 and pregnancy test was negative. Much to my surprise, I got home from work and noticed my CM to be heavy and clear. Took an opk and it showed positive (after 12 days of negative opks). Needless to say, we BD’ed and I am crossing everything for a sticky little one! I’m SO thrilled that we’re not out of the game yet this month. 😊😊

Please let this work out!!