Could I be pregnant?


So my and my boyfriend have been TTC for 2 years now and no luck has happened . My period is always regular and starting June I missed my period was hope for the best but didnt happen. my period has been totally been irregular starting June I barely got my period July August got my period the last week going into September and now October I have not gotten my period nor anytime this month yet so it has been 2 official moths today with no period. I’ve taken 5 at home test and all BFN’s my boyfriend say I am now frequently urinating and always sleepy and extremely emotional now. I have an appointment or blood work Wednesday but I’m honestly super nervous. Is it possible I could be pregnant ?? I don’t have many symptoms and am to scared to get let down again I’m posting this because before I go get blood work done I want to hear I guess that this has happened to some one else and if I could be pregnant now? Please read this I would like some help and opinions I’m really hoping but nervous