Frustrated. 😞


So i went to the womens doctor on the 17th of October they did blood and an ultrasound. Told me to come back in two weeks. Well during those two weeks i was bleeding and i went the first of november and she said my hormones were fine so i couldn't have pcos. They did find a cyst on my ovary but she said it was because i I was fixing to get my period. I told her all my symptoms ( very painful periods, long periods, very irregular period, pelvic pain and pain during sex.) She said it was because i was coming off the depo shot. I told her it had been like this since i got my first period. I asked her about endometriosis and she said that they only test for that if you have been trying to get pregnant and haven't had sucess in a whole calender year and that i am too young that my body is still getting used to change. I just want to figure it out way is wrong with me. I'm 20 I'm tired of them saying nothing is wrong with me.