I don’t like pregnancy 😕

I love my baby boy so much, I love feeling him move around and I can’t wait to kiss his face but I can’t stand being pregnant, I’ve gained 20 kgs and I’m only 25 weeks. Before getting pregnant I was really really thin and I worked hard to stay that way, no carbs, my diet was extremely restricted and then I got pregnant and I started eating carbs again the weight packed back on. Now my entire face has acne, my chest, even my friggin shoulders. Yes I’m complaining but I just needed 5 minutes where I’m allowed to complain. I’m scared all the time something is going to happen to him, I panic if he goes a few hours without kicking even though I know he’s fine. Pregnancy has been hell for me and I cannot wait to hold my baby in my arms and for it to be over with and it’s only gonna be just him, my one perfect baby cos mumma ain’t doing this again 😂 I really never usually complain but today I looked in the mirror for the first time in a while and just didn’t even recognise myself. 15 weeks to go baby boy and I am so ready 💕