Losing Hope 💔 Please pray my baby grows

Hey Ladies. 2 weeks ago I went to get an Ultrasound because I was estimated 7weeks at that time based off my Period. Well we went in and only saw the Gestational Sac. They scheduled me once again for a U/S 2 weeks later (for this week) to check because they think I was probably way too early.

Today I went to the ER because I have a Cyst in my Left Ovaries (found it on my first U/S and it was causing me really bad pain) well they did an U/S and they Saw a Yolk Sac this time but no heartbeat... don't know if I should cry because there's no heartbeat or be happy because a Yolk Sac Formed. I asked if I could poissibly lose the baby and the doctor would only tell me that I need to talk to my Clinic and have them measure me on how far I'm looking at and so blood work as well. She thinks I'm 5 weeks or so or 6 and doesn't seemed too worried but not too hopeful as well.... has anyone been through this before? I'm so scared it's a blighted Ovum ... I have no felt any bad miscarriage symptoms or many severe pregnancy symptoms. I've taken pregnancy test before ... (my first one when I first found out on October 7th and my recent from Last week) Please Let me know if anyone went through this... I'm losing hope

This is the recent one