Do you think my piercing was rejecting?

I usually can tell when a piercing is rejecting but when it comes to ear piercings it’s tricky for me lol. I’ve had my double helixes pierced for over a year, it’s been like a year and 3 months. I had issues with them, scarring that won’t go away and all that no matter what I did, whereas my other ear piercings healed completely fine. One of my helixes was always grumpy and hurt, the scarring would almost completely go away then come back worse and worse each time, thing that I feel it made it hard to heal as well. But the other one was fine 🤷🏻‍♀️ a few days ago the bumps got huge out of nowhere and it started oozing and bleeding like crazy, although it was not infected - believe me, I know what an infected piercing feels like, it’s the worse thing in the world. But my piercing was just grumpy. I had a good look at the hole and I saw that the hole it’s a bit loose which I found odd. I tried keep cleaning it and all that but it won’t stop acting up. I got sick of it and I took it out yesterday. I get that cartilage piercings take a long time to heal,

I have plenty but none of them gave me so much trouble. Do you think it was rejecting? I can’t find another explanation for it

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