HIV scare

I had an incident where there was a guy I was seeing that I thought I trusted, he told me he was clean and didn’t have anything but I later was told he is HIV+, now, assuming he was infected around the time I was with him, I performed oral sex only once or twice, we never had vaginal or anal sex, and he didn’t ejaculate either times. He tried to attempt to preform vaginal sex once and tried to sneak it in but i stopped him, it sort of touched the outside of my vagina but it didn’t enter and it was only for like 4 seconds. it’s been almost 7 months since the incident and I never really felt off at all but I haven’t gotten my blood tested recently and I definitely will, but I’m very nervous and I was just wondering if anyone knows the odds of how likely I am to test Positive or, if anyone had any similar experiences.