Opinions needed please..

So I’ll keep this brief.. my bf and I have been together about 12 months. I crossed paths with this other girl who competes at the same sport as me. We ended up getting on pretty well and have built a friendship from this. I’ve known her about 6 months now and we get on great. Unfortunately, my bf already knew this girl through another family member. The long and short of that is him and his family do not speak to or get on with this girl. So I spoke to my bf about it in great depth several times trying to sort it all out. After many arguments and him trying to tell me to stay away from this girl we actually broke up for a couple weeks over it. He seemed to really dislike her. We got back together and he still claimed his dislike for her. His whole family has a strong dislike of her but they won’t tell me why. Well, they’ve told me a story but it doesn’t add up.

So here we are 4 weeks back together and we were having a bit of banter last night and he mentioned a threesome but only with another woman. As this was a light hearted conversation and I didn’t think he was actually being serious I suggested this friend of mine whom he hates Expecting him to say he was joking or have something mean to say about her. Well, his response was “there’s worse woman you could have picked”. So, I was shocked. I asked what he meant cos for the last 6 months he’s done nothing but moan about how much he dislikes her and how Ive to stay away from her. He didn’t answer me. He just had this stupid grin on his face then changed the subject.

As far as I was concerned this was all just a bit of a joke conversation but now I’m wondering what exactly he meant be his response. This friend is hot. I’m definitely a straight woman but I’ll happily admit she’s a good looking woman. A lot of people comment on her looks. Am I just reading too much into this thinking that my bf’s problem with her is actually more to do with the fact he fancies her? Feel free to give your opinions.

Thanks in advance! 😘