9 days till Due Date


Is anyone else feeling like baby wants to fall out RIGHT NOW? I'm due 11/25 and have been having the worst symptoms. Sciatica for 1, pelvic pain so bad that I cant get in or out of a car unassisted can't walk without help and it's painful to even open my legs more than 4 inches (maybe should have kept them closed to begin with lol jk hubby). I also have had to go #2 5 times in 1 hour for the past 3 nights. Can't sleep cause baby wants to roll and flip and act like Jet Li. And I only have 9 days to go. This is baby #4 (my 3rd baby in 3 years) and my last 2 were born 12 days early and 13 days early. Wondering if this last angel will be a stubborn one.