Should We Try & Work It Out

I'm currently in a relationship with someone and I'm not too sure if I want to be with him. We were broken up at first due to his infidelity and him being so childish. Then recently I found out I was expecting 👣 and it kind of brought us back together. I really don't think we would be together if it wasn't for the baby. Though due to the past problems I don't feel how I first did. He has changed and he has stopped the cheating and I'm thankful for that but it's like one problem turns into another. He lost his job cause he rather hang with his no job having _ family... instead of going to work. Then gets upset with me if I don't call him 24/7. I work , I'm in college, and I'm Pregnant. Its moments where I'm like I really do love him and I want to make things work. Though most times I feel like I would be better off without him. I'm not sure what I

wanna do.

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