The boy next door

So I moved to a small town about a year ago and it’s a town where everyone knows everyone literally, well there this boy who’s currently in a relationship with an older woman and me and him are about the same age . We share the same interests as me such as music and people and we just kinda vibe . Recently me and him went out with some mutual friends and we got a little intoxicated and we walked each other home but his girlfriend was out of town so he stayed the night with me in my room in the same bed and that night we talked about things that are so personal we opened up to each other and I’ve never really done that with someone and throughout the night we talk and subjects changed and somehow the subject of sex comes and he started to tell me that he’s always found me attractive and he’s had dreams about me and I felt special for a moment he even told me that him and his gf don’t have sex anymore and that he doesn’t want to be with her and then he asked if we can cuddle together which I didn’t the whole time I was thinking about his gf he even asked me if I wanted to have sex with him and my response was “not with you don’t take it personal “ and he said “ I’m not dirty or anything I swear “ I just couldn’t stop thinking about his gf and all the people that where close to me if our friends found out what we did or what we talked about I could loose all my friends but I genuinely really care for the kid I see so much potential in him it sucks because he doesn’t see that in himself I just want to be there for him and show him that he’s worth it 😩