FTM Needing advice on where baby should sleep the first few months

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Hey mamas. 30 weeks along with a little girl! My fiancé and I have a small two bedroom apartment and are planning on having the second bedroom fully set up as a nursery with a crib. I was thinking the baby would sleep in her room in her crib from day one, but the more I saw on here of babies sleeping in the room with their parents the first few months, the more I think that’s a better idea. The two bedrooms are on opposite sides of the apartment. She wouldn’t be FAR but she wouldn’t be right next to us, so we’re thinking now of setting her up in our room near our bed. So now I’m not sure what would be best for her setup. I’m thinking these are my options..

I’ve been told that these rock and play things are good.

But I’m worried about how comfortable she would be sleeping in one of these all night every night? Plus it would feel different than laying flat on a mattress which she will eventually be doing so I shouldn’t necessarily get her used to sleeping in one of these??

Or there’s these pack and play things.

Which I like because it resembles a bed more, it would feel more familiar to her when we start putting her in her crib in her room.

I don’t consider a bassinet an option because I’ve been told by basically everyone that they outgrow them too quickly for it to be worth investing in.

Or, we could put her crib in our room? And that way she’ll be used to sleeping in her crib. And when we want her in her own room, just move the crib to that room.

So let me know what worked best for you, pros and cons, etc! Thanks mamas. 💕