In need of a pick me up

I’ll be 37 weeks tomorrow. For the last week or so I have felt so awful about myself. Nothing makes me feel pretty or anything. I can’t even make myself dress up or put makeup on anymore. Every day I roll out of bed, shower, and sit in my pjs. My boyfriend doesn’t even seem attracted to me at all anymore. He went from kissing me bye every time before he left, always wanting to cuddle at night, always asking for sex.. to barely kissing me, not wanting to cuddle even if I ask, and turning me down when I mention sex. I feel like that’s a lot of the reason why I don’t even try to look nice anymore because if he doesn’t want me at my best, who cares if I look my worst right 🙄🙄 Honestly just wondering if any of you mommas have gone through this and if so what you did to make yourself feel better because I’m struggling