Read this if you need encouragement!!!!

Smith • Smith baby is on the way! 7/2/2018

I just wanted to write this post as some type of encouragement to all the new and existing mothers.... miscarriage is not nearly as common as it may seem in this group yes it happens a lot but I’ve come to notice that pretty much any time someone posts a symptom or lack of symptoms someone comes and puts the fear of a miscarriage in their hearts. I get that people want to share their experiences but it’s really terrifying for new mothers especially to turn around every second and be told “well that happened to me and I had a miscarriage.”

I’m tired of being scared I want to enjoy every second of my pregnancy and I want to encourage those who are in the same boat as me to enjoy it as well.

Miscarriage happens for a reason! There was either a chromosomal issue and the baby could develop any further, or there was something wrong with the way the baby implanted, or even previous tubal or uterus issues that the mother may not have known about. If it happens to me yes I will be devastated but it means it wasn’t my time and I will have to learn to accept it.

We have got to stop scaring everybody into thinking every little thing can lead to a miscarriage. It’s more likely that you will have your baby and be fine than it is that you will have a miscarriage

So I said all that to say guys stop worrying. Stop stressing, enjoy this time you have, and try to enjoy the experience. Panicking WILL NOT HELP! Stay in peace stay happy and love that little baby for as long as God allows you to and that’s ALL you should focus on right now. I know it’s scary but it’s not the time to be scared.

It’s good to listen to others story but remember we are all VERY different and just because something happened to one woman does not mean it will happen to you too!!!

Be blessed all and have a wonderful Friday.