Relationship advice

I met my husband when I turned 16 I was dealing with tons and tons of traumatic experiences that happened in my life. 1. I was bullied and ended up trying to hang myself 2. Found out my mom had cancer and had a few months to live 3. After finding that out I ended up finding out I was adopted. Oh and 4. Military man behind my house tried to rape me and luckily my cousin was with me was walking by the house looking for me and found me told my parents and nobody believed us. I had a rough 2 years before I met him and it got worse when I did meet him. I dropped out of school so I can be with him I met him thru my friend and we clicked right away. But my friend that introduced me to him always wanted to hang out with me so I came from a strict family I started acting out running away and got in the wrong crowd and I cheated on my boyfriend :( I made such a horrible mistake and broke his heart! I had no emotions because I was such a closed broken person I didn't understand :( but he took me back ! I found out I was pregnant and we were happy(3 months later) and I did cheat on him so he had doubt our son was born in December he loved him so much! We took a DNA and it was my boyfriends :) year later my boyfriend started acting out he told me he cheated on me. I also found a dating site he was on I was crushed so I did my thing but with a female. He was crushed but he hurt me! My mom ended up passing away when my son was four months it ruined me! I changed !! For my lil family. 2 years go by he starts with the dating sites again comes to find out there were 2 girls involved with him so I did my thing again stupid desicions I was young he's about 5 years older then me. I ended up putting a stop to it I'm suppose to be a mother! He stopped but then a year later another dating site popped up he apologized I forgave. Then another year later another profile but the girl texted his cell and I was in the car!! He was caught and I was dying inside because I love this man. He apologized brung me flowers and 2 years later haven't seen him do anything wrong. :) I'm current pregnant now and we're married he's a hard working man now we got our first condo together and a handsome 5 year old. But today idk what's happening. He saw this guy working at savers who was my gay friends brother and he was saying we flirted in front of him before and he knows I had sex with him! Because I was always at their house! No I wasn't his gay brother always came over to my house because he moved back to florida I went over 2x because there mom loves me I knew my gay friend since kindergarten he was my neighbor ! So he kept accusing me and telling me I need to tell him now I cried because I'm not saying something he wants to hear that isn't true. He left for work so I called him about 40 mins later. He was acting super weird saying im sexier then you I know I'm sexy ask any girl. I wanna star in movies in Hollywood because famous like wtf is he talking about. Telling me I can divorce him he don't give a F he'll chose that lifestyle over me? I was so confused! Idk if he's trying to get to me or he's trying to be a dick because I won't say me and the guy had sex idk but he won't do therapy with me because he says anything they say won't work for him. I need some advice from you ladies :(