Gonna vent a lil and possibly get some advicd

So let me start out by saying I was ttc but I stopped.

I literally hate my life. I hate my job ( I love the kind of work I do) I just hate my job, I’m a cna and the nurses and everyone else treat us like slaves... we make 10.00 an hr to do all that we do, we get no recognition or anything just bitched out constantly by families, residents, nurses, etc I work 80 hrs every two weeks I literally have no time for a life my schedule is as follows week one off thurs week 2 off tues weds week 3 off Monday Friday sat sun, my days off are filled with errands and dr appts, I tried to go back to get my Rn hubby tells me I can’t I pay my bills and I have absolutely nothing left ! I’ve been searching for a new job with nothing to show for it. I’m just so tired of his life ! I feel like all the work I do and as tired as I am I should be able to afford things or do things I want to do atleast every now and then 😭😭😭 I’m miserable and everyone acts like I should just suck it up especially my husband he acts like I should be full of energy when I get home and should clean the house everyday even though he’s home all the time. I’m just fed up and miserable and I feel like its taking a toll on my son and my marriage. And I told my SO I want to wait to conceive until I have a better job. He tells me idk what I want and accused me of just not wanting another baby with him