So im 21 yrs old & will be 22 in two more months . I am having trouble with my periods which is slowing down my ttc process . Me & my boyfriend have been trying for a couple months & nothing . So i made a drs appointment to talk about my periods , but i also want to bring up the fact that i am trying for a baby . But im a little nervous that shes gonna feel as though im too young & bla bla , and maybe not try to help me? The last obgyn visit i had i didnt see my regular dr but she gave me a lecture about having unprotected sex with my bf & what would i do if i got pregnant . (I didnt even bring up that i was ttc this is what she said after i told her me & my bf didnt use condoms) . But im going to see a new dr soon So does anyone have any advice? Anyone my age & have talked to their dr about it?