Need Advice

Okay before I begin please keep in mind that I come from a very conservative Christian family. We do spread love and do love the sinner and hate the sin. Now with that being said tonight my 16 year old brother confided in my husband that he recently went to another boy’s house that he doesn’t even know and he gave and received oral sex. The fact that this was a “gay” act does concern me because of my beliefs, BUT more than that the fact he is going to a STRANGER’s house and DOING SEXUAL ACTS at 16 years old is what concerns me the most. He said that he’s just trying to figure out what “Love” is. I am completely shocked by this news. He has been struggling lately and over the summer has told my husband and I that he was going to commit suicide. No one knows what to believe and not believe because he does a lot of things for attention. Honestly the show 13 reasons why was one of the worst things to come out because every time someone says something as a joke he says “I’m going to pull a Hannah Baker”. Anyways with all this going on I’m so conflicted. He is not in a good place at all. We have also figured out that he has been drinking recently too. But with that being said he is on a bad path and nothing my husband or I say to him is getting through. He keeps making these stupid decisions that affect more people than just himself. Ie he did not use a condom and is completely unaware of what STDs or STIs are!!! He tries to act like an adult, but lacks common sense. Should I go to my parents and tell them? Or should I just let him continue doing the things he’s doing? I never did any of this at 16 and neither did my husband so we are at a complete loss.