pumping milk questions

hey all, I am a newbie at breast feeding/pumping and hoping one of you mommas can help answer some of my questions some may sound a little silly but I'm gonna ask anyways. 1.) when pumping milk on a double pump, can I pour both containers of milk into one container at the end to store it? or should I keep it in the containers that it was pumped into? 2.) I am keeping it in the fridge for now, what setting should I keep my fridge on it ranges between 1-5. with 5 being the coldest, should I put it in the back of the fridge?? 3.) if my daughter takes 3 oz of formula, will she also start on 3 oz of breast milk ? 5.) how quick should I expect her to be hungry again after her first bottle of breast milk 4.) how often should I pump? thanks everyone sorry I'm clueless 😣