AF is Due Today or Tomorrow


I tested yesterday to a BFN..... now I am sitting her waiting.... I have two apps and one says AF will show today, Glow says tomorrow. Hoping that the BFN was wrong. Any ladies have a BFN at 11 DPO and go on to get a BFP after waiting for AF to arrive? Still hoping, but pretty sure I will be out of the July babies race either today or tomorrow.

Update #1:

Alright day two and no AF yet. Feeling kinda crampy like she may be coming.... We shall see. I refuse to test again until tomorrow if she doesn't show up. I am sick of getting negative results...

Update #2:

Started getting brown spotting with cramps, so I am starting AF. I am out. Now hoping my Christmas gift is a BFP. Good luck to everyone and lots of baby dust!