Should I masturbate whilst pregnant.

Me and my fiancé have been having sex all through my pregnancy I’m now 38 weeks and he’s not interested any more I’ve tried talking about it but he just says he doesn’t want to do it I have tried spicing things up but there’s only so much o can do but if I give him a blowjob he won’t stop me he’ll lay there and receive then fall asleep like I try to encourage him into taking things further but he doesn’t he just goes to sleep so I do it myself. He thinks its disgusting that I do because I’m pregnant and thinks it wrong even when I wasn’t pregnant. But I’m just so horny there’s nothing else to relive me if he doesn’t and I don’t want to be nagging him all the time. I still do it just when he’s not around or else he gets mad at me when he finds out. But I don’t know what to do because he doesn’t want me like I want him but he’ll accept blowjobs/handjobs but won’t have sex with me or do anything to me? I’m confused. And am I wrong to masturbate?