Yoga Mumma - Chase your dreams!

Ella šŸ¤“ ā€¢ Singer-Songwriter | Naturopathic Nutritionist šŸ“š

Thought I'd share my mum in here too, as the makeup group seemed to love her! She's a yoga freak, 60 years old and still as fit as ever, and it's one of her passions. She was a professional dancer in her younger life and now she's opened up her own yoga retreat. I could go on and on about her, but I'm so proud of everything she's achieved and still going for her goals and dreams in life! I can only aspire to be as fit, healthy and positive as she is when I'm older. If you're an older woman on this app, or even just a younger woman that has no idea what to do in life currently, remember that anything is possible. This amazing woman is proof of that! Soppy post over šŸ˜‚