My November 1st Baby 💜


So I’m finally getting round to posting this story.. so where to start.

My baby boy was due on the 8th November but decided to come 1 week early, on the 31st October I started with a very uncomfortable back pain that never relented, but me being me out it down to just being pregnant so sent my SO to work.. well how wrong was I, this ‘back pain’ turned into what I could describe as period cramps that were coming every few minutes and lasting a minute at a time. So I text my SO telling him it’s time and I just knew that baby was on his way, my SO got home at 8:30pm where I laboured for a couple more hours and then noticed that baby wasn’t moving at much as he routinely would move in the evenings. I called the hospital and was told to come up to the hospital to be monitored.

We arrive at the hospital at 11pm where they placed us on the monitors and of course baby starts moving straight away BUT after having my blood pressure checked and a few routine questions I’m informed Im in very early labour and have preeclampsia (which obviously scared both me and my SO) I’m moved to a separate room where I’m placed on a magnesium drip (which was horrible and I felt like my blood was boiling for the first five minutes) and monitored from there to see if I progress any further.

Well 4am rolls around and the midwife has decided to break my waters for me as I’m only 1cm at this point, I’m also told that if this doesn’t help I will be induced at either 6am or 8am.

So 6am rolls round and as my blood pressure is still a bit uneven I’m induced, well that’s where the contractions REALLY begin and I’ve opted for gas and air, well one hour later I’m thinking right I’m not dealing with the pain very well, I’m coping but this is only going to get worse. I was advised not to have pethidine so I’m thinking I need drugs lol so epidural it is! Well by the time the anaesthesiologist comes round it’s 11am-ish and I’m a complete mess, I wasn’t coping very well with the pain and I just wanted relief! Well said drugs were fitted and of course it fails and it’s too late my body NEEDS to push, I feel everything and I’m not gunna lie it was painful but it was sweet relief compared to all the contractions moments before. After an hour of pushing baby Oscar was born at 1:02pm on the 1st November, weighing 7lb 3oz 💙

I was monitored constantly for 24 hours after Oscars birth due to the preeclampsia and kept in hospital until the 6th November for further monitoring. Had I not gone into hospital that evening who knows what would have happened, in my gut I knew something wasn’t right and I’m glad I trusted my gut instinct. Now we are one very happy yet tired family ❤️