Desperate help for a new breastfeeding mom


I need some help and support with regards to my dire situation. I’m in a court battle with my soon to be ex husband at the Swansea, UK court over our 3 month old son. Alot has happened and now the judge has ordered for my baby to have 2 overnight stays with the father for almost 24hrs. I am fully breastfeeding my son and he only has formula when with his dad. The judge said breastfeeding isn’t a reason to not separate a mother and child and that kids in general are fussy and babies are adaptable. They have not looked at the best interests of the baby ir how being apart from me will affect him. His judgements have been cruel and in the favor of the abusive father. He did not bother to understand what happens when babies are separated from their mothers. The father looks to his family members to look after the baby. He refuses to give me my electric breast pump that I left behind with all my belongings at his family home.. so he bought me a cheap £10 manual pump just to be spiteful and to prove his horrific character. I am afraid that they are feeding my son weaning milk and are just trying to separate us or compromise our bond, that's the kind of despicable human beings they are. I am petrified about being apart from my baby. No one has ever bothered about me having swollen leaking breasts or that it is affecting mine or my child's health as we have both been to the doctor before. I also incurred mastitis soon after giving birth due to the stress from my husband. The father wants full custody of our son and basically wants to disregard and dispose of me completely. Im suffering such a corrupt injustice at the mercy of these courts and am left extremely helpless. I really need help and support whatever and wherever possible.