How to be confident and sexy (in bedroom)

I have a confidence issue likely because I've been regarded as unattractive for so long that now even though I feel attractive, insecurity is all I know.

I just lost my virginity a few weeks ago at 22 and I had my first kiss at 21. And despite being secure about my body I struggle initiating anything sexual. I want to be able to please my man but I don't know how and it stresses me out. What turns a guy on? Other than bjs and handjobs. What should I say to be suggestive and sexy? How can I take control in the bedroom without feeling absurdly awkward?

Take heed that my insecurities are 100% in my head. Like I'm a fairly attractive woman. I know I am, but that doesn't make any more confident or sure of what I'm doing sexually. I just want to have fun with it and please him as well. This is my sexual liberation. 🙈

Here's a pic of me.