Äristasia Rose🌹🌹

Alllllright y’all so here’s my deal. I’m 23. My husband and me only have been ttc for two cycles and AF reared her ugly ass head both months. So we both started taking these fertility blend vitamins from GNC and I shit u guys not, it’s been literally two weeks since we started taking them and while he’s working I decide to take a test for shits n giggles because I’m only three days late... I wasn’t worried about being late because I’m irregular. And it was FREAKING POSITIVE!!!!!! I had to take the other two to make sure. I’m absolutely shocked!!! If ur having trouble conceiving I definitely recommend these vitamins. I got them because my friend got pregnant in one week on them after trying for yearsssss and only having miscarriages. They helped her with her two girls😩😭🤯💜💜💜