Didn't start today either 😭

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At this point I don't know what to do, I've been so scared and nervous over this. But for some reason I'm so calm when I think of being pregnant because I just know like I'm not. The last time I had sex was a month ago and he was fully protected, we used a condom and I was even on my period. But we used a condom and he never cums inside me, we have sex for about 10 minutes and then we stop and make each other cum with our mouth. So.. this time we just had sex and none of us came but, even after we were done he filled it up with water and there was no holes. I checked it very very good too because I'm OCD about that kind of stuff. After that I had a yeast infection for about 2 weeks and a half, so we weren't sexually active then because it fricken hurt. And then we only made eachother cum once when I was off of my yeast infection, so there's no way in hell I could be pregnant. And I don't wanna be pregnant right now so that's why we didn't have sex this month. And now I'm a day late on my period and I'm having what feels like gas pains and I keep almost getting happy because I feel like it's gonna be period cramps but I just know the feeling of cramps and this is not it. I have sore boobs and I am moody some. I'm so scared, I have been stress because my parents are going through a divorce but I've been stressed all my life pretty much and that's never made me late. I went from exercising all the time till about the begging of October and I stopped because that's when volleyball season was over but I'm just so confused. I really am starting to getting nervous. I need some helpful understanding ladies that will stay in touch with me and give me good advice. 😭