Am I in the wrong?


So back story. my boyfriend's roommate has been giving us rides to and from work because my oil housing is broken so my car leaks oil which how that got broken was my boyfriend's roommate (we will call him bob) was trying to take the oil filter cap off my car to drain the oil So he and my boyfriend can do the oil change but it wouldn't come off so he essentially chiseled it off and that's how the oil housing got a hole, well because of that my car is not driveable until it gets fixed. Well Bob was suppose to pick me up from work one day and never showed so I called my boyfriend to see if he was at their apartment and it turns out he ditched my boyfriend to go hangout with this girl he met and I guess forgot to pick me up.. so I walked home basically mad and hurt

two hours go by bob doesn't even text to see if I was okay or apologize so I'm even more mad because that's messed up at least in my eyes. well two days go by I ask if he could give me a ride to work so I didn't have to walk because my knee was bothering me, he says he could and then goes to do something, turns out he went to see the girl half an hour before I need to be at work, so I wait and wait until it was 350p and I call my boss asking for a ride and she picks me up.. I end up bawling because of everything that has been going on and this situation.. he doesn't even apologize to my face my boyfriend just texted me saying he is sorry but like say to my face.. Am I in the wrong for being upset about it?.. if it was me and I offered to help someone I do it regardless.