Drop your tests


I just started my TWW and I'm bored so if you want a second pair of eyes feel free to post your tests!

UPDATE: A lot of people have asked me so I thought I would add some Early Testing Knowledge to this post:

1. Always use pink dye. Blue dye is known for false positives and horrible evaps.

2. Use first morning urine (FMU). If you test again in the same day, especially if you're before your missed period, it might give you a false negative. This is because your urine is diluted.

3. Different tests have different sensitivities, so if you get a line and you want to see it get darker and darker as the days go by, use the same brand/type of test!

4. Same goes for confirming a faint line. If you get a line on one brand, but the other is negative, it may be because one isn't as sensitive as the other.

5. And because I just can't say this enough, USE PINK DYE!!!

Happy testing!!! I hope I'm helping you all, you're certainly helping me pass the time till I'm obsessing over my own pregnancy test!