Truth 👇🏻

Just cause it takes two to make one does not

mean it takes two to raise one.


I honestly didn’t expect 3 likes let alone 15. But while I’m not a single mother I have watched my sister raise her son for 5 years as a single mother and I remember some of the hate and comments she got. Same for my cousin as well.

I don’t understand the need to shame and put down single parents. It’s stupid. They are working twice as hard as you so you can’t fault them for little mistakes. They have to be two parents! That takes a lot! So sit down and instead of bashing men and women working harder then you to be a parent. Be grateful for your SO. Be grateful they didn’t bail on you!! Be grateful you’ve got the family you want and the extra help. Instead of bashing single parents show them support. There’s enough hate in this world without an extra asshole to insult someone for no reason.