Feeling fed up

So I've been with my man for about 2 years and he's always cheated on me. every time I took him back now we are expecting a little girl I'm about 19 weeks and he's still been unfaithful. when I was around 12 weeks i found out he was paying females to have sex and fucking other girls too at that that he didn't pay and would talk to multiple girls on his fb saying they was his girl. I took him back after he cried to me said he didn't want to lose his family. so now like about a couple day ago on the 15th I went through his phone he left it unlocked and fell asleep and I found out that he was still talking to bitches😡 mind you right now where at his moms house staying until thanksgiving and helping his mom plan my baby shower for early march. He cried said he never chilled with any of the females blah blah blah😑 so I'm like no more locked phones and I told him he had to put that he was in a relationship with me on Facebook and make that bitch public which he did. but I still feel like he's fucking around not once today has he answered me I texted him all day I only got once response which was hold on and never answered me back. I feel so bad because his family is so happy his first child he doesn't see because the bm wont let him or the family see his son. and they keep telling me not to run off and how happy they are. My mom disowned me when I told her I was prego because my man is Haitian and she's racist against black people. right now I stay with him I have no other family but my mom 😩I don't want to stay here and keep dealing with this and being cheated on I love him so much and I wanted us to have a future together and be a family 👨‍👩‍👧 he's 25 I'm 21 but he's still in his hoe phase. I would have thought since he's getting old he would want to settle down but nope I cry everyday he says I'm always assuming and bringing up the past. he drinks a lot and has anger problems so when he's mad he says hurtful things to me calls me ugly says that's why he doesn't come home to me. which he really doesn't he's out all day everyday doesn't come home till sometime in the am I just feel so stupid like why am I not good enough to be treated right 😪 mind you I also caught him talking to a 16 year old girl she sells her pussy has been since she was 13 got locked up in training school for a year her pimp was 40 and he got arrested too her parents don't care what she does. and I lost my shits and I literally was fighting him how could you do that knowing how old you are and how hold she is plus your having a fucking daughter. I tell him what makes you think I would want you anywhere near my daughter knowing you don't care about a females age. So he's been ignoring me all day I don't know what to do he's the only support system I have unless I go into a shelter😪