Utter confusion


So my husband and I started TTC on November 5th, I just stopped my birth control last month and had my period from October 21st-25th. We were talking about having a baby and when and timing and he was all for screw it, let’s start trying. Like what are we waiting for. So we started trying. Now I’ve been feeling a little weird like cramping, boobs getting bigger and hurting, all symptoms of my period so I was like alright probably not this month. I know I should’ve gone through one cycle without birth control, had my period, and then started trying but we just got excited and figured what the hell. But my sense of smell has been a little heightened and I’ve had acid reflux a tiny bit but EVERY single test I’ve taken has been negative. So yesterday I expected my period. Nothing AL DAY LONG until about 6 pm last night where I had a little red/brown spotting so I figured okay AF is here. No baby. But then it stopped. This morning I wake up, little bit of brown spotting, but nothing like I usually get on my period. And I was feeling extra frisky this morning and husband and I did the deed. Still no AF. I’m not taking any more tests until next week if I am pregnant so the HCG hormone can build up a bit more but I figured maybe implantation bleeding? Maybe my body isn’t used to the no birth control yet and is getting regulated now. WHO KNOWS. thoughts? Ideas? Advice?