please seek help

Veronica β€’ George Alek Jr 4/08/17πŸ’™ Layla Jae 8/16/2018πŸ’œ Currently pregnant due in November

for any couple but especially military couples please seek help for you or yourself if you see signs of depression or signs of abuse don't be not going to name the base I'm at with my husband but there's been a guy that killed his 9 month old daughter like a week ago and now another wife just posted that her husband is brain dead this morning and she's blaming herself for not being aware more...i know sometimes it may be too late to help someone but if you do see signs don't ignore crying because I know it has crossed my husband's mind once before but he thought about our baby and stopped himself.. don't let it get to that pointπŸ˜”πŸ˜­