Best sex in so long!!!

We were just chilling together watching some rick and morty as always (because being adults all the time is boring) and he started kissing my neck and pulling my hair, gently biting my neck occasionally. He had one hand in my hair and the other in my underwear playing with my clit. Hot as fuck let me say. I started to play with his dick and I fucking love that he began to lose his breath and softly moan into my neck. I’m really body conscious which I shouldn’t be because we’ve been together almost 9 years but anyways he wanted to 69 but I literally cannot my anxiety just goes through the roof😂😂 we ended up in the 69 position but he was on top and it was FUCKING AMAZING!!! I could fully deepthroat and like having him eat me out and bite my clit was just the best thing!!! I came twice whilst he was eating me out and I’m still shaking like an hour later😍 he decided to finish up eating me out and he flipped me onto my stomach, tied me to the bed and fucked me so fucking hard!! I came again and he filled me with so much cum!!!😍😍 god I love this man😍😋