Long distance support


Remember this—

It’s you in the relationship. Not your parents not your family. You and him. Him and you. NO ONE can tell you how it will work and how you can make eachother want it, that’s between yourself and him. Have faith. It’s so frustratjnf. My boyfriend is 5 hours away, plays football for a division 2 football, goes out to the casino with the boys and to bars, and I️ rarely go out. I’m extremely frustrated but when I’m with him, he’s the only thing that matters and every doubt I️ have or anyone else has about us that I️ somehow make relevant just disappears. Pray. Have faith. Keep yourself distracted. Know that your love is more important than the distance you share between yourself. Learn more about yourself, become independent, make goals and crush the shit out of them. Find healthy distractions. Treat the shit out of yourself cause you deserve it. Long distance is so hard and the couples who go through all the things that should break them up are the ones that deserve eachother the most. You got this❤️❤️❤️. TRUST ME, it is so much easier SAID than DONE. I️ wouldn’t wish distance upon my worst enemy. It’s the worst. But you need to trust that you are both doing the hard thing. Breaking up would be easy but look at all of us, we want our SO because they are worth fighting for. The good, the bad, the angry and the ugly, that’s your person. Pinterest is a HUGE positive distraction for me. I️ taught myself how to knit, I’ve made multiple projects, the more you distract yourself the easier distance will be and the faster time will go. We got this girls!!!! Life is tough my darling but so are you.