Miscarriage 5 weeks

I never got a definite answer if I was pregnant or not as I got a BFN on 15 dpo and after that I never took another test because I was afraid to figure out the answer.. for the past two weeks I had been dealing with nausea every second of the day eating, at 2 am, anytime. I threw up water one day, and then puked in my mouth a couple times. I woke up twice this week to intense cramping and back pain and nausea and thought I was basically dying. I dealt with intense cramping and back pain all week long and would go in and out throughout the day. Normally before periods i get brown spotting intense headaches and almost pass out. For the past two day I had on and off dizziness and never really thought much of it. At this point I thought I was pregnant and was taking a test after this weekend to get an answer. I even had white discharge and high cervix. Last night i was peeing and wipped to get up and there was pink blood and then bright red. I just cried because I really thought I was pregnant. I went to bed and the pain was unbearable. My legs were trembling from pain, couldn’t touch my stomach, wanting to throw up, couldn’t even move without bursting into tears. Eventually I fell asleep and I woke up sweating and cramps in the middle of the night and then this morning some intense cramping, not much blood. I went to lunch and went to the bathroom and passed clear mucus in my blood and a pretty long thin clot. After I passed it I was no longer nauseous and no cramps, have not had any cramps or nausea since then just a lot of blood. I really need help on what this could be and if I was really just pmsing or if it sounds like a miscarriage. Sorry for being TMI.