Christmas problem


ok so my husband just now is getting to see his 14 year old son. the mother didn't want us to but the boy is finally pushing that he wants to know his dad. first thing my husband does is get him a phone. ok that's fine. he didn't have one and he's 14. I get that and that was fine. but now we are discussing Christmas. he says he is going to buy the 14 year old an Xbox one. which is what he wanted. those are expensive. we have a 6 year old and a 2 year old. he is saying he is gonna spend about $50 each on them. but like $250 on the older child. he says it's because he had to make up for the 14 years he wasn't allowed to buy him anything. (we tried to send presents and the mom would send them back) I don't think that it's fair to our kids. I think they should all get the same. well we can't afford to spend $750 to let them each get $250 worth of presents. he says our kids won't even notice. true they probably wouldn't. they are not picky. they don't really want anything near that expensive. but our 6 yr old wants a drone. he wouldn't know how to use it and he wouldn't have a phone if his own to put in it and he would probably break it. but he wanted one and I think if we are getting the 14 yr old an expensive gift we should get the younger ones something expensive to. or none of them. help. who's right?