Sexually abused

For any woman/man that has been molested, raped or sexually abused, did you forgive them? If you did how? Mine happened like 8 years ago and now that I’m actually facing it I’m so angry with the person. I’m a woman of faith so we can’t hold unforgiveness. How did you forgive or get over it if you did? Especially because this person lives with me. I never reported him because he told me to keep quiet. The only one that knows is my sister because it happened to her too. I was scared he would hurt us. And I refuse to tell my mom because I don’t want to ruin her marriage. He only did it once and never did it again. There’s not point in me telling. I feel like God would be disappointed in me for not forgiving. And now that I’ve been trying to fix the wounds to myself everything is getting worse. My resentment and anger for this person is so bad.

Edit: I see what you girls are saying that I should report it but it was 8 years ago. There’s no point. And I refuse to tell anyone because I don’t want to ruin my mom’s life. I love my mom so much she’s nearest and dearest to my heart. I don’t want to be the cause of ruining her marriage and some of her income. That would literally break my mom. I just need to get over it since I’m 18 and and will be moving in a few years.