Anyone else get this with OPK tests?


According to Glow which I have been using for several months now, my cycle is average 24days but had been getting OV pain a week earlier than app was saying is my fertile window.

I tested with clearblue advanced around the app recommend time but never got a peak....ever.

For the last couple of months I have tested straight after period (actual flow) had stopped and the following day I have got a high reading with a peak the following day but on the third day it goes back to low, this coincides with side pain.

Bit concerned as that would make my cycle really short and too soon after period from what is app is saying?

Do only have one ovary but can't find if this would throw out readings.

Anyway, this month got some good gravy on the high and peak reading days

So hoping and praying that the stick is more correct than the app.

Thank you if you managed to read to the end of this saga! Haha . xx