Postpartum Depression

Madolyn • I`m Maddie! I`m a 26 year old with 3 kiddos and due to have my 4th December 16th.

Hey everyone!

I think I could have postpartum depression do to my csection I had on June 26th of this year. My sweet baby will be 5 months old the 26th. After my csection I started to slowly get more and more depressed. I can’t even look at myself in the mirror some days because I know I will see that ugly scar. I was forced to have a csection because my sons heart rate kept dropping with every contraction I had. It killed me inside that I couldn’t have my baby naturally. I never got a chance with it at all it seems like. After that the doctor told me that there is NO chance that I can ever have a baby naturally EVER and that if I got pregnant again they wouldn’t allow a VBAC at all. I felt crushed hearing those words! I feel like I can never have a baby again because I’m so traumatized from my csection. During my csection they wouldn’t allow my fiancé to take any pictures/videos. He wasn’t allowed to come in until I was cut open then was forced to leave. I never got to see my baby at all till about an hour after surgery. The doctors and nurses were so rough with me. They never tried to be gentle with me at all! My csection scar is so jagged and rough feelings. To me I feel like my body was just utter destroyed. I felt like I was being butchered! I want another baby one day but I’m too scared to even try. I won’t even let my fiancé see me naked what’s so ever because I’m so disgusted with my body. I’ve tried talking to my doctor about having postpartum depression and all he says is that I’m overreacting and need to get a grip on life and get over it all.

Do y’all think I’m overreacting? Is it possible that I can have a VBAC and not have another csection? Tell me your thoughts.