Baby urine for skin rashes

So my mil told me that when my husband was a baby she would wash her face with his urine😒. She’s really weird and always talking about stuff like that, she’s really into weird remedies.

We revealed to our families that our second child is a boy and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is she’s going to play with his “little bird” i.e. his privates and that she’s going to use his urine too.🤔when she said this hubby just st laughed it off but it didn’t sit well with me, mil drove me nuts with her crazy thought on this and that were healthy with our daughter now I feel like it’s beginning early with our second baby, he’s not even here yet and she’s already saying weird stuff that I’m not comfortable with.

I really don’t want drama with her to ruin that our time with our son when he gets here. So any ideas on how to handle this ? She never asked to change our daughters’ diaper because she’s all weird about poop but I have a feeling she won’t have that problem with our son. Why oh why does my mil have to come off as a creeper now that we are having a son????😫