am i wrong?


so i made planes with my dad and our family to have a after thanksgiving dinner. that same day i told him i was having another baby. well today was the day of the dinner and he calls me saying my son and i cant go anymore because his mad at me for having another baby on the way. im 22 yrs old why the fuck does it matter to him what i do with my life? i dont live with nor does he do shit for me. i told him hes fucked up for this to be why my son and i cant go see our family and that i ever want to talk to him again. thia aint the 1st time hes done shit like this. my son was ag the hospital for a dog bite when my aunt was baby sitting him for me (dog was put down sons okay) but my dad witch is my step dad but raised me came up there saying im a fuck up and im why my sons here and i need to be a better mother to myson? who does that? i am wrong for being made and tell him not to talk to me anymore. i mean the list goes on. update he called my mother witch they are not together anymore and told her i told him off😂 as if and plus whats she going to do to me ground me come on.