Missed period and negative tests! Please comment!🙏🏼


Stessed out isn’t the word! My period is 5 days late now, still no sign of it either! I’ve had all negative pregnancy test.. I had sex a couple times during my fertile window from on here, and about a week after which is when I think I actually ovulated as I was a bit crampy & cm was egg white! So it’s only been about 13 ish days since I ovulated (i think)? Should I get a positive by now or do you think something is wrong? Im a bit crampy every now and then, boobs are getting sorer and sorer by the day & nipples are now sore & itchy?😕 I have had previous ectopic pregnancy and only have one tube! But the thought of getting pregnant again terrifies me because I worried it’s going to happen again and I’ll have my only tube left removed!😭 only having my left tube left it’s just worrying! How long did it take you all to get a positive test after missing your period?? I’ve never had a cycle longer than 32 days before and being on my 37th day is bugging me😭 sorry for the paragraph.. can’t get seen at the doctors till mid next week!