Relationship advice?


**Read until the end please :)**

Good afternoon/morning everyone! My boyfriend and I have been dating for 13 months today, we haven’t talked at all today. Shared maybe... 8 texts in total yesterday? I’m 15, he’s 19. I know, some will probably flip because of the age, our birthdays are literally two days apart, anyways! Besides the point! So lately I’ve felt different about our relationship, nothing is the same anymore, if we’re being honest. We fight ALL the time, and it’s stressful. I’m already stressed enough because of my classes in school, family issues, and mental stability. Like most of my stress is from him, like literally makes me want to pound 24 shots and be done for the night. He’s not in school, he doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t have a car. I get it, his family is poor and everything, I really truly get it. But when you sit on your ass all day playing on your PS4, not really looking for a job, then there’s some problems. I honestly could take away the PS4 since I was the one that bought the damn thing for him. Anyways, he’s ALWAYS on his gaming system, he claims it’s a “release” for stress and everything, and I get that. But I don’t get why he has to be on it ALL hours of the day, literally. He’ll get up around 11-12, or even later than that, and stay on the game until 1 in the morning or so. He complains about not having a job but puts no effort into getting a job, and it aggravates me because I’m attracted to someone who knows what they’re doing with their life, has it planned out, and even puts effort into pursing that. If there’s a job opening at fast food, he’ll be like “uh, no”, but it’s job, with money? And that aggravated the HELL out of me. So back to the PS4 situation, he’ll complain when no one is online to play with him, he’ll complain about people on the video games, etc. and it’s quite ridiculous. So back to the arguing, like I’ve said before, we argue ALL the time, over stupid stuff, and others more major but yeah. And he’s really childish and I suppose I am too, he’ll keep the argument going by saying something smart-assy, and it annoys me. And he’ll keep going until I’m SO pissed off that I literally have no filter, and we both verbally abuse each other when we argue. And I don’t take his apologies anymore because they’re useless, it’s not like he actually means it since he does it all the time, and I don’t bother apologizing either because it’s pointless. I’m 15... I have SO much to experience and he’s 19, he still has so much to experience as well. We started dating after like 3 days of meeting each other, he claims I’m the “love of his life” but I don’t know. The first couple of months that we dated were fine and everything but as our relationship went on, it just got worse. Our personalities basically head butted and yeah it’s just bad. And I’ll be honest, I cause a lot of the stuff because he just annoys me so bad sometimes because he’s so childish. He posts shit on social media after we argue, saying something like, “she really pisses me off and she doesn’t know how bad she does” or some other stupid shit like that, looking for attention, and then he’ll text like 5 of his friends and my brother to talk shit about me, whereas I only text my best friend that lives in Kentucky to look for advice. I don’t talk about my problems like at all, when I do, it’s rare and yeah. It kind of interferes in our relationship but that’s just how I am, I don’t allow others to help me, I help others. We’re okay when we’re together, when we’re together we usually get dirty and sometimes that’s all I feel he wants. I don’t know what to do, any suggestions? Like I really love him, I really do, but sometimes I feel as if we’re better off separated because we’re young and stupid. Like he’s a great guy, but I want to experience stuff, and I didn’t feel like that maybe 3 months ago, but it’s gotten so bad I just, idk. And he’s like “every relationship has their faults” and I’m like yeah... but not this much, like dang. Like I said, I love him, I really do, but I don’t know what to do.