Hospital didn’t find cleft palate.. can I sue?


Okay so let me start by saying I’m seriously so upset. I never thought I’d even consider suing ANYONE. The hospital let us go home the night baby was born because a midwife came home with us to make sure we settled in fine, then left and returned the next morning. This is my first child, so when she wasn’t latched on correctly i couldn’t tell. I had no idea. I mean she looked like she was but she kept making this clicking noise with her tongue when she sucked.. I figured it was just normal until she got the hang of it better. The next morning all she wanted to do was nurse. Like for hours. I told the midwife when she came and all she said was that some babies use it as a pacifier.. and my little one was just getting comfort from me. By that night baby wouldn’t stop crying. She cried for 6 hour straight. I didn’t know what else to do I started bawling and told my husband to get her a bottle.. maybe I wasn’t giving her enough. She immediately stopped crying and I cried even harder realizing I was starving her. For the next two days she did the same at the bottle as she did at breast, she kept wanting to eat but it didn’t look like she was taking much, but again.. figured that was normal as all I hear is newborn babies stomachs are so small. She continued to cry inconsolably at times. Someone had mentioned colic. I believed them. Finally by morning 4 I decided to try a different bottle/nipple. It helped immensely but i still had a feeling something wasn’t right. When she was exactly a week old I trusted my gut and took her in. Finally, the pediatrician noticed that she has a cleft. Her soft palate is gone meaning she can’t suck.. only use her tongue to try and pull milk out, and the only reason she even saw it was because baby started to cry so she looked in her mouth. She then explained baby couldn’t suck so the entire first 3 days of her little life she absolutely starved. When we switched bottles on the 4th day it had a bigger nipple making the flow easier so she could eat better.. but still not like she needed to. We got sent to a hospital 4 hours away to spend the night getting her accustomed to special bottles. I don’t want to blame.. but she turned 3 weeks yesterday and FINALLY got back up to her birth weight. She’s doing so much better but it literally haunts me. My helpless little baby was starving.. when the doctors gave us the okay to go home with full checkover and clean bill of health we trusted them. I just don’t know if we’d even get anywhere by suing them or not..